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“The treatments really works! My bloating is far less noticeable and I feel better after each treatment. Jayne’s words of encouragement make me feel so much more positive…”


Ms. L.G, 27, Bedfordshire


“I feel so much more at ease knowing Jayne is a nurse… “

Mrs S.F, 35, Bedfordshire

“Having suffered with severe IBS for over 15 years I was at the end of my tether, I read online about having colonic hydrotherapy and although initially nervous Jayne made me feel at ease from first contact. The first treatment improved my symptoms immediately, and after 4 treatments and with Jayne's advice and support I am well on the road to recovery...Thank you Jayne...”


“Having suffered from constipation for most of my life, I recently found the matter taking a turn for the worst. I have to say that I eat healthily and take regular exercise, so have always been surprised to suffer in this way.

A close friend returned from a spa trip to Sri Lanka and had received a session of Colonic Hydrotherapy. She couldn’t praise the health benefits enough.

I found the Bedford Colonic Clinic on line and with certain trepidation booked my first consultation with Jayne.  I shouldn’t have worried the premises were lovely, very clean and calming. At no time did I ever feel embarrassed with what is a very unusual procedure. Jayne talked me through the procedure and my dignity was intact. In fact we laughed through most of the procedure and Jayne made me feel relaxed at every step of the way.

Her recommendations with regard to supplements were invaluable and I now feel much better having received 3 treatments.

For anyone thinking about this procedure, I can thoroughly recommend the clinic and the staff who are lovely and very professional.”


Mrs J.S, 47 from  South Bedfordshire

“Upon being diagnosed with Gall Bladder Disease, I decided to take the route of natural healthcare, rather than the surgery offered by conventional medicine as my "only option". Thanks to Jayne, colonic hydrotherapy (in conjunction with liver and gall bladder flushes) is now a routine part of my healthy lifestyle. My gall bladder symptoms have disappeared, vitality levels are raised, as well as my skin and eyes being brighter and clearer.


Jayne is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and informative. I never hesitate to recommend colonic hydrotherapy as a must-have for good health. If Jayne is your therapist, so much the better.”


Mrs J.J, 45 St Neots


“ I wish I’d done it years ago… “


Mr S.Y , 58, Cambridgeshire

Mr. A.P, 33, from North Bedfordshire